Welcome to Inside Snooker, a website dedicated to providing news, comment and in-depth analysis on the professional snooker world.

Inside Snooker is written by Hector Nunns, an established snooker journalist, and is designed to be read like a snooker newspaper with news articles, opinion pieces, features and behind-the-scenes diary snippets.

It will be providing daily updates from professional tournaments, reporting the matches and bringing you what the players say afterwards. It will also feature interviews with the game’s top stars in between events and give you all the background information you need to enjoy the action.

There are already a number of really good snooker websites run by dedicated individuals providing invaluable resources for fans of the green baize. This site is not in competition with any of them but believes it can enhance snooker’s online community by providing one of the things that is undoubtedly lacking: original news content.

Unfortunately, the amount of coverage in traditional media has shrunk in recent times. This website hopes to give all players the exposure they deserve, delivered by those making the best use of their privileged access and position inside the game.

Inside Snooker aims to provide independent journalism. It is not on anyone’s side, neither is it against anybody. But it will call it as it sees it.


Media organisations and other websites are free to use quotes from our articles on the agreement that they credit www.inside-snooker.com.


If anyone has a story they think the site should be reporting please contact us via Twitter, if confidential first asking for a follow back, @insidesnooker.


HECTOR NUNNS (@senornunes)

Hector has been covering snooker for newspapers in the UK and overseas for 12 years. As a freelance he is currently the regular correspondent for The Times, the Daily Mirror, Daily Express and Daily Star, and contributes to other daily and Sunday titles.