There were some familiar faces absent from the Dafabet Masters line-up this year, including Mark Williams, Ali Carter and Graeme Dott. The 38-year-old Williams, known for being fairly laid back about all things snooker and indeed life, has made the most of the week off but even the Welshman, a two-time winner of the title, admitted he has unfinished business at the tournament for the top 16 only after missing only his second Masters in 18 years.

World No18 Williams also admitted that he has not been glued to the TV from afar, with Ronnie O’Sullivan almost the only player whose matches he can sit down and enjoy from start to finish.

He said: “Of course I would have preferred to have been at the Masters, there’s a few of us not made it that are usually there with Ali Carter and Graeme Dott. But I have made the most of the week off and enjoyed myself.

“I have taken the kids to school, spent time with the family, been out for a few drinks, chilled out, and played some darts. I have actually been practising very hard recently, I know some people might find that hard to believe.

“And I don’t think I am finished at the Masters, and will be looking to be back there next year. You certainly aren’t going to get there without practice.

“I haven’t watched too much of it, bits and pieces and to be honest Ronnie is virtually the only one I would watch all the way through, so I saw all of his first-round game against Rob Milkins.

“Ronnie is pretty much the only person I can watch and enjoy watching. If I tune into other matches it might be a frame and then turn over. I’d rather watch ‘Location, Location, Location’ than a whole match involving some of the others.”