Whisper it quietly, but motoring fan Judd Trump has traded down from a Ferrari to a Porsche. The Juddernaut couldn’t wait to splash out on one of the iconic Italian supercars once he had enjoyed some success. His big breakthrough of course came in 2011 when he won the China Open and reached the Crucible final, followed by successes at the UK Championship and International Championship in Chengdu. And Trump has already been though two £100,000-plus Ferraris, a 430 Spider and a 458 Italia.

The 24-year-old, who has in the past faced accusations of being a little too flash, insisted in Preston that from now on he was going to invest in the less sexy bricks and mortar rather than something that could move him from A to B at speeds of approaching 200mph. He has bought a new house in Chigwell, close to the home of rival Ronnie O’Sullivan. But that has not stopped him treating himself to a none-too-shabby Porsche Cayenne jeep at around £90,000.

Trump said: “I bought myself a new car this week, it is a Porsche Cayenne GTS, that’s a 4x4 jeep, pretty much the best one.

“I didn’t bring it to Preston though, I came up in the Mercedes - a nice relaxed drive, about five hours it took me.

“And the Ferrari has gone, maybe I am getting more sensible. I have started trying to invest in property, and have got a couple – it would be nice to make some money rather than paying rent. And I have moved house myself to Chigwell. Maybe I’m just trying to be like Ronnie!”