Inside Snooker were kindly presented with the most recent set of the WPBSA rules of the game this week by leading official Jan Verhaas.

While most of us think we know most of the rules, there are from time to time situations that crop up in a match where reference to the laws and consultation with referees is extremely useful and helpful to better describe what has happened, and the rules do get updated from time to time.

You would be amazed how many football reporters don’t actually know some of the key laws of football – or maybe you wouldn’t.

Clearly the donation could not pass without some good-natured stick being aimed at the media fraternity. Verhaas signed the tome: “Have a good read, you might learn a thing or two!” while top referee Michaela Tabb inscribed: “You might have a chance of getting it right now, then!”

No chance of that. What’s the green worth, again?