THE FOUR qualifiers from the second Q School event, which ended on Wednesday, are all former members of the professional circuit.

Liam Highfield, Michael Georgiou, Lee Walker and Michael Leslie secured two-year tour cards in Gloucester. Highfield and Leslie dropped off the circuit after the World Championship while Georgiou and Walker are former pros.

Highfield defeated Canadian pool star Alex Pagulayan 4-2 with breaks of 58, 60, 61 and 78 to win through in the final round. He told “The last six to eight months have been very tough for me. I’ve had some problems away from snooker and was feeling down with life. So it’s great to have a positive now.

“Three months ago I swapped clubs, to the Reardon in Stoke and that has turned my life around. I want to say thanks to my mentor Dave Deakes who has helped me so much.

“When I first got on to the tour four years ago, I took it for granted and just assumed that I would be there for life. Since then it has been a downward spiral. But now I feel confident again and I am a much better player now. This a chance to draw a line under the last four years and start again.”

Georgiou, who beat Ashley Carty 4-2, played on the circuit during 2008/09 when there were only six ranking tournaments. He said: “I was doing a 9-to-5 job, sitting behind a desk, but I always kept an eye on snooker and when I saw how the sport had changed and the opportunities that are there now, I decided to give it another try. Now I’m back on the tour which is a big relief and reward for the hard work I have put in over the past year.”

Welshman Walker, who defeated Joe O’Conner 4-1, reached the quarter-finals of the 1997 World Championship and was last on the pro tour in 2008.

Scotsman Leslie, who beat Eden Sharav 4-3, lost his place last season but has made an immediate return.