In more Jimmy White news, the Whirlwind found himself in the headlines of the Epsom local paper during Masters week.

Making the regular trip from one of his practice bases to Alexandra Palace, White took the opportunity to drop off some dry cleaning on Epsom High Street.

But next to a picture that appeared to show White’s car with its distinctive ‘CUE BOY’ registration plate parked on a double yellow line outside the shop was a story featuring quotes from irate pedestrian Simon Mayston who had contacted the publication.

Mr Mayston said: “Jimmy White was driving down the High Street through Epsom and then pulled over and mounted the pavement just after the traffic light crossroads at Waterloo Road.

“He proceeded slowly along that top bit of the High Street, and parked outside the dry cleaners on the double yellow.

“He got out to pick up some dry cleaning and then drove off - probably there for no more than five minutes.

“It just irritated me that he parked on the pavement, particularly as we - that is myself, my wife and my four-year-old son - were walking along that stretch of the pavement.

“My son was riding his scooter, and we had to make sure he got out of the way of the car. The number plate is recognisable. Jimmy White lives just up the road by the station. It would have irritated me whoever the driver was.”

White, characteristically, shrugged off what must have been an overwhelming temptation to brand his tormentor a busybody with a camera phone and opted instead to see the funny side of the incident. “I thought he was a fan!” he said in the media centre on Tuesday.