Always keen to maintain international media relations, Inside Snooker took advantage of an offer from a Berlin colleague to visit the nearby offices of Der Tagesspiegel (or ‘Daily Mirror’, if you like) and get a spot of lunch in the canteen. DT is one of the three big newspapers specifically published for the capital as opposed to some of the national titles.

On a day when a full page of the broadsheet in the news section was devoted to the crisis enveloping Bundesliga stragglers Hertha Berlin, who this week sacked their manager with the team plummeting towards the foot of the table, there was still room in the sports section for an excellent page-lead piece on Ronnie O’Sullivan from journalist Joerg Leopold headlined ‘The quest for perfection’.


With the Film Festival in full swing the Rocket, in action against Joe Perry in their last-16 clash, had to share space in Friday’s paper with French actress Audrey Tautou, a member of the jury deciding the festival’s best film and pictured out and about on gala opening night.