For followers of Inside Snooker, I would like to take this opportunity from the Betway UK Championship in York to give a brief update on the site and apologise for any frustration for the recent inactivity.

As many will know the site like many that are done more as a ‘labour of love’ does not generate any money, but has always necessitated a large amount of time and effort to maintain and keep fresh.

There are times in life when whether for family, work or financial reasons, or occasionally all three, such projects have to take a back seat and that has been the case with me over the past few months. Inside Snooker has been a great outlet to communicate features and analysis that would not always make it into the mainstream media, and contributing to the snooker debate.

As many will know the co-founder of the site Dave Hendon found himself in a similar position at the start of the year, going on to enjoy great success with his first play at the Edinburgh Fringe as well as continuing with commentating duties with Eurosport, in an ever-expanding calendar.

Like Dave I have one or two other projects in the pipeline that are going to take up some time but hope to be able to combine that with articles both from here in York, and in the future alongside the day job. Inside Snooker has never been and will never be the site for blow by blow match reports, but hopefully there will continue to be the odd piece drawing on years of covering the sport and some privileged access to the principal actors – the players – that will be of interest.

Once again sorry for the ‘time out’ and enjoy the UK Championship and the rest of the season.